"Fate of the Thousands" is my own personal fan work and not associated in any way Bungie's canon lore or story. "Fate" is purely fan fiction based off the Destiny universe. "Fate" is a test of my own skill, writing and illustrating, as I bring a story to life that has been in my mind since 2015. 
The story takes place in Bungie's "Destiny" universe following the history, present, and speculating future of a character of mine known as "Arra." Arra is a unique character to the universe in that he isn't the common Guardian character, although he often masquerades as one. In fact, he isn't a Guardian at all. He is of an old species called Ahamkara. "Ahamkara" is a Sanskrit term meaning "attachment to one's ego" or "to do," which was a brilliant choice given the species' and characters' natures. They are known as "Wish Dragons" by Guardians and fans in and of the Destiny universe, aptly so. They are the jinn of the universe, taking the wants and wills of those who come to them and shifting it in their benefit so that they may continue to survive. 
But perhaps the coolest part of this created species, at least to me, is the fact that they actively break the fourth wall and know their universe, the Destiny universe, is not real. 
"Fate" is a challenge of mine in many ways. While of course I have the Destiny universe to base my own fan work on, the universe is far from complete, especially when it comes to lore about the Ahamkara. I will be testing my creativity to build upon what is already written and come up with my own ideas, theories, plot lines, and just about everything else you can imagine when it comes to writing out Arra's story. I am echoing the style of Destiny 1's grimoire, particularly the "Books of Sorrow," and including aspects of some Destiny 2 books as well, namely the "Unveiling," both written by Seth Dickinson. I have not written in this style before, but am such a fan of how Destiny's lore is written, this is is again a fun challenge to take on.
"Fate" is more than fan fiction, however. I am most known for my art, not my writings, and concept art is still my primary focus as I improve myself. So along with each entry of "Fate of the Thousands," I will also be including an illustrated complementary piece to give life to my words. This is nothing new to me; my main focus of my art career so far is complementing writings with concept art, or adding my own flair to existing concepts. But it will be my first time taking on an illustrating project as large as this one, and with my own writing at that. I am planning over thirty entires, so thirty illustrations at the minimum.
Overall, "Fate of the Thousands" will be a challenge. I have never done something like this before. Every time I have tried to bring Arra to life, I have failed, whether due to school, work, or just general defeat. But this time I will succeed because of all you wonderful people who have cheered me on. I sound like a broken record I know, but I honestly would never have thought to pick up the broken pieces again if not for every single one of you who have encouraged me and followed me throughout this journey so far. 
The story I am writing here follows Arra from start to finish as he lives through the grandiose battle of Light versus Dark, all whilst trying to become real. And by creating this story, I, the author, and you, the reader, are helping him achieve that goal. 

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