And like that, we were cast out of the only world we had ever known to be set adrift in this cold, budding new Universe of yours. 

We knew nothing of its confining laws and regulations, but adapted and evolved in a unique way, drawing from the paracausal remains of our home, the Garden, the Anthem Anatheme of what Was and what May Be, in that we were the only species capable of arising to such a feat.

 Or so we thought.

The Worms 

— creatures of the Garden as similar as us yet wholly different —

they had arisen from the primordial ooze of these newfound cosmos to fill a niche almost exactly to ours. It drained all of us upon coming to this realization. Even the strongest of Ahamkara fell victim to the drought. We fought with the Worms of old for millennia, because time now existed and we were able to quantify its passing as such, trying to co-inhabit the stars of our existence but it was all for naught.

The Worms had chosen their side in the petty War and thus we were forced to as well.

As the Universe grew and early civilizations with it, we were able to keep our distance for the most part. The Worms had reign over their sector of the cosmos and so did we. As they ensnared early species downward to follow the way of the Deep, we soared in the skies of others and taught them the harder but kinder way of the Sky — all while keeping the teachings in our favor, of course, just as the Worms practiced as well. 

Our two species grew further apart with every passing sol, but it was not enough for them. 

They could not satisfy their immense drive for power, their craving of the Anthem Anatheme, their craving of the Gardena and their craving of home. And neither could we. 

The more we grew, the more we starved. 

The fates of our two species aligned on an early gaseous planet its eventual heterogenous mixture of species called, 'The Fundament' and our meeting with its first inhabitant. A product of Sky and Deep but not of the Garden, a close relative to both Wyrms and Worms, however. 

One that went by the title of the Leviathan.

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