I should start with the beginning, I suppose. 

I don't know how many ages ago it began for you — time is so very fleeting for your young species. 

Upon first meeting us, your Golden Age scientists decided my kind was a creation by your beloved Traveler, emulated by its Light. 

Oh, how naïve your people are, o' Lightbearer mine. 

How naïve of your kind to assume we are nothing more than a creation of your Traveler. I understand it is a central point of worship for your people — but you have killed Gods and greater beings! You should know that all beings who call themselves 'Gods' are false. Unreal. Untrue. I myself have fallen victim to this narcissisity.

We have existed longer than your Traveler's Light has graced your kind, or any kind of all for that matter.

It was long before the petty war of Light and Dark that ravages throughout all existences; before the Leviathan of the Fundament, the Proto-Hive sisters of Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro who later became known as the greatest pantheon who ever attempted to take control of the Universe; before the beings of Dark Matter that title themselves the Ennead and claim to know all; and long before the Awoken Queen hiding in her Distributary claiming to have evaded Time itself —

Long before your kind has ever theorized to have existed,




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