Commissions are currently [CLOSED]

Commissions are taken on a first come, first served basis during openings.

Commissions must abide by TOS listed below. The Artist retains the right to deny and accept any commissions with or without explanation.

The Artist will announce when all slots are full. If you are not able to get a commission slot your first attempt, keep an eye out for further openings posted on the Artist's Twitter.​​​​​​​


The Artist does not endorse nor create work to be used as "NFTs" or any other name non-fungible tokens are known as. Any request will result in an immediate blacklist. Any form of cryptocurrency is not seen as a valid form of payment and will not be accepted. Any use of commissioned artwork being used or sold as NFTs will result in an immediate block and any action deemed necessary to remove the stolen artwork will be taken, including but not limited to legal action.

Commission time varies from painting to painting; commission progress for all commissions will be recorded, kept track, and uploaded for the Commissioner to review and agree upon the time taken and therefore the overall price.

Commissioner may choose the character(s), pose(s), interaction(s), background, atmosphere, etc. A sketch will be sent to confirm everything is to the Commissioner's liking and once it is approved, the Artist will do her best to fulfill the requested details. 

WIPs and changes may be requested up until the time of the conceptual blocking and sketch phase. After that, any WIPs and changes to the pose, background, atmosphere, etc. requested will be charged at +15 per change. If a character detail is incorrect (eye color, armor detail, etc.) it will be changed free of charge. Once the painting has been merged for final rendering, no changes can be made.

Once a commission has passed the conceptual blocking and sketch phase, refund of the down payment is not available. If the Artist deems she is unable to complete the commission for any reason, the down payment will be refunded.

Payment by any cryptocurrency is not accepted and will not be honored. If a payment is received in cryptocurrency, it will be returned and the commission cancelled if the Commissioner is unable to pay in USD (or PayPal translated equivalent.)

The Artist retains the right to use any and all artwork, including commissions, requests, gifts, etc. as examples and may post them as such on various social media sites. 

Commissioner may not claim the art as "theirs." The Artist's signature watermark must always be visible on the artwork. Credit must always be given when posted online.

Any harassment of the Artist will result in immediate cancellation of the commission without refund if deposit is already paid.​​​​​​​

The Artist does not recognize and will not abide by the Commissioner's own 'Terms of Service'. Her Terms of Service listed and agreed upon during the initial commission request are the only that will be respected during the commission process. 

The Artist will draw:
        - Destiny Guardians /original characters / in game characters
        - Monsters, animals, mythical creatures, 'kaijus'
        - Scenic backgrounds, cosmic backgrounds, structural backgrounds, etc. 
        - Armor, clothing, weapons and mech
        - Realistic anthropomorphic characters
        - Violence NSFW 

The Artist will NOT draw:
        - Sexual NSFW
        - Stolen characters 
        - "Mascot"/cartoon furries
        - Vehicles
        - Human faces (some experimental artwork may open, stay tuned!)
        - Artwork to be used for NFTs

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