Hey there! I'm Iltaniel, or Alison. I am an entirely self-taught artist and a small streamer starting up again after a long creative break. I primarily paint Destiny lore pieces, but occasionally take commissions as well. One day I aim to fully illustrate and write my own fan fiction lore book "Fate of the Thousands" as a personal project and test of my skill.
I'm a D1 vet and lore nerd. Warlock main. Outside of video games, I am an avid fantasy reader (Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones), equestrian (dressage and equation), martial artist (taekwon do and karate) and previously studied biochemistry at the University of Nevada, Reno. After the apocalypse dies down, I hope to return and complete my Bachelors/Masters program while taking online courses in concept art and illustration.
My current fan project is entitled "Fate of the Thousands" and follows a fan character I've had since year one of Destiny one. He is an Ahamkara (Wish-Dragon) named Arra, who started out as nothing more than an abstract thought when I saw the Batadactyls on Venus. He grew as both myself and the game grew together, and the more lore we learned about Ahamkara the more I had to edit his story. It is ever-evolving, and most likely will still change even after the Destiny franchise is finished. My goal is to illustrate his story — from start, to finish — in the style of Destiny one lore. These grimoire entries will be accompanied by my own art as well. It is a huge project and I've only just started, but I'm excited to tackle it.
Ideally, one day it is my goal to work as a concept artist or illustrator in the video game industry. This will be a long road as I have just recently taken up painting again, but I believe that one day I could make it. Thank you to everyone for showing me your support over the past year. It means more to me than you can imagine.

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